Diving is a unique sport that involves the development of athletic skills including strength, stamina, balance and coordination. At the same time diving promotes artistic self-expression as the diver’s body moves through the air. Diving is, therefore, considered by many to be both a sport and a form of art, and as such, provides excellent opportunities for individuals to develop a broad range of athletic, artistic, and personal life skills such as goal-setting, concentration and emotional control.

Divers: Beginners & Experienced
Children aged six and up are welcome, if they are of sufficient maturity to take instruction, comfortable with the deep end of the pool and able to participate in a group lesson. Beginner and advanced divers train to perform dives from all the dive groups, including forward, backward, reverse, inward and twisting dives.

Summer Dive Meets
There are several competitions throughout the summer months, where divers have an opportunity to compete in one-meter and three-meter springboard events. Divers are encouraged to participate in any or all of the competitions. Typically there are four (4) dive meets in the region over the summer, including the Regional meet. Clubs may also choose to attend dive meets in other regions. The Provincial meet is usually held in mid-August.

Age Groups
The age groups for BCSSA meets (held during the summer months) are:

8 & under 11 & 12 15 & 16
9 & 10 13 & 14 17 & 18

For more, information about the specific programs, requirements and schedules, please visit the following clubs’ website:

Burnaby Barracudas Coquitlam Sharks Port Moody Aquarians