Water Polo or “water ball” as some others might call it, is an aquatic team sport similar to handball. Athletes swim, tread water, pass the ball and score goals. It is extremely fun! As long as you can swim, you can play. Water Polo also helps improve your physical endurance.

Most Water Polo players in BC, who went on to play for the Team BC and Team Canada and played at various levels as high as the Summer Olympics, got their start in BCSSA Water Polo. Some of the best Water Polo athletes are from the Simon Fraser Region. The region offers excellent programs through the two local clubs:

The summer season starts in May and ends in July (mid-August for teams who qualify for Provincials). Teams compete against other teams within and outside the Simon Fraser Region starting in June. For more, information about the specific programs, requirements and schedules, please visit the following clubs’ website:

Burnaby Barracudas Coquitlam Sharks